ID the Anole

This photograph was taken by a colleague visiting some of Belize’s offshore islands.  I’m pretty sure I recognize this species from my time in mainland Belize, but I thought I’d open it up to the community for additional opinions.  What species do you think this is?

About Rich Glor

Assistant Professor of Biology at the University of Rochester and longtime anole enthusiast.
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5 Responses to ID the Anole

  1. Wes Chun says:

    Looks like A. sagrei–the species account in Stafford and Meyer (2000) mentions this pattern variant.

  2. lukemahler says:


  3. I’d go with sagrei too. It’s mostly on gestalt, but also the dark line at the back upper corner of the eye, which is a good mark for sagrei in places I’ve seen them (not, however Belize, so perhaps other anoles there have such a marking too).

  4. Joseph Burgess says:

    I am going to go with Norops rodriguezi, since sagrei seems so obvious. They look similar, but I have only seen rodriguezi in Yucatan.

  5. Joseph Burgess says:

    I retract my last submission. If it is not sagrei, does A.cupreus occur in Belize?
    What’s the answer?

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