Anole Annals Trivia: Find the Anoles

I took this photograph last summer in the Sierra de Bahorucos of the Dominican Republic, not far from Polo.  The first to answer the following three questions about this photo wins the respect of anole lovers around the world: (1) how many anoles are in this photo?, (2) what ecomorphs to they represent?, and (3) what species are they?  First correct answers in the comments wins.

About Rich Glor

Assistant Professor of Biology at the University of Rochester and longtime anole enthusiast.
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11 Responses to Anole Annals Trivia: Find the Anoles

  1. Anon says:

    Here are some guesses:

    A. brevirostris (Trunk)
    A. cybotes (Trunk-Ground)
    A. coelestinus (Trunk-Crown)

    but I get the feeling there might be another lurking around there somewhere…

  2. Rich Glor says:

    Thanks for the guess Anon, but we’re still looking for a winner…

  3. Mrs Lizard says:

    I found 3

    cybotes (trunk-ground),
    distichus (trunk),
    singularis (trunk-crown)

  4. Rich Glor says:

    Another noble effort, but still not a winner.

  5. geneva says:

    I think I see same three animals as the other two…

    A. cybotes (trunk-ground)
    A. distichus (trunk)
    A. coelestinus (trunk-crown)

  6. Antonio Cadiz says:

    I am blind. I am able to see only two Anolis… but I will insist!

  7. Joseph Burgess says:

    OK, I see four anoles, but just a partial head of the 4th so cannot get a positive ID, so my answer is…
    1. A. cybotes (trunk-ground)
    1. A. distichus (trunk)
    1 or 2 A. coelestinus (trunk-crown)
    or 1 A.singularis

  8. Rich Glor says:

    Unless Joseph can show me where the partial head of the second coelestinus/singularis is, I’m going to declare geneva the winner. The answer key is here: The first guess from Anon was a good one, but we’ve never seen A. brevirostris right around Polo (although it has been spotted not far away along the famous Green Chapel Road). Mrs Lizard was close too, but you can see the white lip stripe that is diagnostic of A. coelestinus when you zoom in. Thanks for playing!

  9. Joseph Burgess says:

    I have re-attached the image (hope it works on a reply) with a red circle around the “anole head” in the top left of image.
    If the attachment does not show up on this post, look at the original…

    Just above the “A” (in A.coeletinus) there looks to be an anole head partially sticking out from the bromeliad? The top right portion of the “A” is basically pointing at it.

  10. Rich Glor says:

    Good try, but that’s not an anole head.

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